Medical Interpretation

Medical Interpretation

Improve Patient Communication

 We provide interpretation services for your medical language service needs, Our staff is trained to handle emergencies and communicate sensitive information to patients and their families. We will also educate medical professionals on culturally sensitive issues. We treat every patient with the same respect and sympathy we would treat our own family.

For more than 30 years, we have provided  interpretation services across the healthcare industry. Our expertise includes hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices and Healtchcare conferences.

More Medical Services

Medical document translation

Our staff will translate any document, including patient records, consent forms and patient reports. We also translate test results, agreements & disclosures, prescription instructions, and educational material for patients and staff. We have translators trained in all of the major medical fields to ensure that a professional with the proper knowledge and expertise translates your documents.

Onsite or Remote medical interpreting

Our professional interpreters are available to help healthcare professionals communicate with patients onsite or remote. Our interpreters work with doctors and nurses to ensure that critical medical information is properly relayed to patients and their families.

Specialized appointments

We offer both interpretation and translation services at specialized appointments such as  Functional Capacity Evaluations, Independent Medical Examinations and Specialized Testings.

Telephone medical interpreting

We have interpreters standing by 24/7/365 to help healthcare professionals communicate efficiently with non-English speaking patients. 

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